About us

Together we bring hope to the owners and inspire them to leave their mark to be the first.


Speech of the General Director:

Normal human being enjoys all the blessings that ALLAH has blessed him. He can learn, speak, play, smile, eat and feel cold, free, happy, sad and all other blessings, while those children with special needs gather a lot of deprivation from the use of his available organs of the blessings that ALLAH has blessed him. He needs special treatment according to purely scientific methods. He also needs people with experience and specialization who have studied and trained to deal with children of the determination (with special needs).

The interest in this such group has been demonstrated since the first Sponsor his highness, may ALLAH rest his soul in peace, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan was in his constant calls for giving attention to all sectors of society, and then the valuable initiatives launched by the protector of the country President HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and then the invitations he launched and still Launched by Shaikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi, may ALLAH preserve him. All these invitations are welcomed, thanks and gratitude from the families of children of the determination (with special needs) and all those who are interested in this field. From this concern, we started on the blessing and care of ALLAH in the establishment of the first Al-Awael center for people of the determination (with special needs) rehabilitation in the city of Sharjah, hoping to be at the good thought of everyone.


Values we believe in:

  • 1 – faith in the abilities of individuals and urged them to develop.
  • 2 – believe in the importance of activating the role of society in support of the people of concern.
  • 3 – Faith, parents and families to seek the best services.
  • 4 – dealing with humanity together owners of inspiration.

Target groups:

People with intellectual disabilities Autism with Cerebral Palsy Excessive movement disorders and attention deficit with speech and language problems learning difficulties.


works to ensure that the center’s team of specialists and practical experience with the children is supervised by a team composed of Dr. Khaled Ayahs, PhD in Special Education And Dr. Ahmed Al-Zair / Ph.D. in Psychology

Services provided by the Center:

– Psychological diagnosis and assessment
– Special education services
– Occupational therapy
– Vocational training and qualification
– Physical therapy
– Rehabilitation of language and speech disorders
– Behavior modification programs

Service Type:

The Center offers: individual sessions (special education, rehabilitation of language and speech disorders, behavior modification, occupational therapy) for all disabilities.

Age groups: from (4-20) years