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Course in Autism

The course discusses the most important definitions of autism and history of autism and the most important reasons that explain autism.
The diagnosis also examines the difference between autism and other disabilities.

  • diagnostic measures.
  • Modern programs for the rehabilitation of autism.
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Course in learning difficulties

Learning difficulties course The course covers modern concepts of learning difficulties.
Determination of difficulties The difference between difficulties, slow learning and school delays Methods of measurement and diagnosis of learning disabilities include modern standards (standardized and unregulated).

  • The forms of developmental and academic learning difficulties
  • The scientific foundations
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Early Intervention

The course includes concepts and justifications for early intervention Educational, rehabilitative and preventive services for the child from birth The most important early problems in the child (linguistic, cognitive, motor, social) and identify ways to detect Child delay .

  • Early intervention models
  • Early intervention approaches
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Methods to reduce excessive activity and distraction

oncepts and definitions of hyperactivity and attention deficit The historical development of attention deficit with hyperactivity Symptoms

  • Diagnosis (diagnostic conditions, diagnostic techniques, diagnostic team)
  • ), intervention strategies with children, family role
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How to deal With the Down Syndrom

Definition of Down Syndrom from a Medical Perspective Physical and psychological features of children (symptoms) How to develop different skills for the child .
Extension needs for children 's families

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Autism Programs (TEACCH, PECS, Lovas, Padovan, Sun Rise)

(PECS program)
Introduction to the PECS system, how to prepare the list of enhancements, the six stages, the application programs for the six stages, the preparation of an individual program and plan from PECS.
(Tech program)
Introduction to Tech, the groundbreaking platform of the Tech program, the Tech form, how to prepare an individual program and plan through Tech
(LOVAS program)
Introduction to the LOVAS Program, the LOVAS Form, preparation of a program through LOVAS
Badovan program
The basis of the program and the training method
Tomatis program
Founded the program for the integration of audio How and how to apply the program

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Behavior Modification Course

Principles of Modification of Autistic Behavior.
Identify the target behavior
Behavior measurement
Method of research to modify the behavior
Behavior Modification Methods

  • Behavior Modification Plan(Hyperactivity ) .
  • Program Behavior Modification )Workshop(
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Special Education

To learn about special education, its concepts, classifications, principles and strategies
Identify categories of people with special needs in terms of reasons, classifications, diagnosis and evaluation, education and rehabilitation strategies.

  • - Pronunciation .
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Sensory problems and their impact on the child's skills
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