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About us:

Together we bring hope to the owners and inspire them to leave their mark to be the first.


The firm faith in individual differences and the fact that every human being has the right to rehabilitation and empowerment, because they are worthy of inspiration and vigor the message: Work hard to enable those who are motivated to practice a decent independent life. This is done through careful diagnosis, preparation of specialized rehabilitation programs, implementation of plans for comprehensive care, work on rehabilitation and investment of abilities and abilities for each child through a team of experts in special education and psychology.

Objectives of the Center:

  • 1. Provide therapeutic and rehabilitation services for the disorders suffered by children.
  • 2. Treatment of speech disorders and speech problems in children.
  • 3. Provide awareness, guidance and training for families.
  • 4. Work on qualifying the student for the integration process in all its forms
  • 5. Training children on life skills.
  • 6. Rehabilitation and training of graduates to deal with various disabilities
  • 7. Seeking to integrate children into public life
  • 8 – Work on training the child to be independent in skills.

Values we believe in:

  • 1 – faith in the abilities of individuals and urged them to develop.
  • 2 – believe in the importance of activating the role of society in support of the people of concern.
  • 3 – Faith, parents and families to seek the best services.
  • 4 – dealing with humanity together owners of inspiration.

Target groups:

People with intellectual disabilities Autism with Cerebral Palsy Excessive movement disorders and attention deficit with speech and language problems learning difficulties.


works to ensure that the center’s team of specialists and practical experience with the children is supervised by a team composed of Dr. Ragab rezk

Services provided by the Center:

– Psychological diagnosis and assessment
– Special education services
– Occupational therapy
– Vocational training and qualification
– Physical therapy
– Rehabilitation of language and speech disorders
– Behavior modification programs

Service Type:

The Center offers: individual sessions (special education, rehabilitation of language and speech disorders, behavior modification, occupational therapy) for all disabilities.

Age groups: from (4-20) years


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