Behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy

CBT is used to treat a wide range of problems, which is the preferred type of treatment because it helps quickly identify and adapt to specific challenges. In general, treatment requires only a few sessions compared to other types of treatment, and it is provided in a structured way. It is a useful tool for treating emotional challenges. For example, it may help to: Control the symptoms of mental illness Prevention of symptoms of mental illness Treating mental illness when medications are not a good option Learn techniques to adapt to stressful situations Identify methods to control emotions Solve problems in relationships and learn better methods of communication Dealing with grief or loss Overcome emotional trauma related to abuse or violence Adapt to medical illness

Control of acute physical symptoms Behavior therapy is generally a short-term treatment, and lasts between five to twenty sessions. You and your therapist can discuss the number of appropriate sessions, the factors to consider: The type of disorder or condition The severity of your symptoms How long have symptoms started or had this condition? How fast are you progressing The extent of the psychological pressure that you feel The amount of support you receive from family members and other people The principle of confidentiality is followed in your conversations with your treating specialist, except for very specific circumstances. However, the treating specialist may violate the obligation to confidentiality if there is a direct threat to safety or when the law requires him to inform the authorities of the reasons for concern

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