Special education and academic education

Special education and academic education

It is a group of specialized educational programs that are provided for people with special abilities, in order to help them develop their abilities to the maximum extent possible and help them adapt to individual differences and needs. Ideally, this process involves the arrangements of the plan individually and systematically monitor it and teaching procedures, and adapt them Accessible settings, and other interventions designed to help learners with special abilities to achieve a higher level of personality, self-sufficiency and success in school and society

Shared special abilities include learning disabilities, communication disabilities, emotional and behavioral disorders, physical disability, and developmental disability Students with these types of special abilities are likely to benefit from additional educational services such as different methods of teaching, use of technology, a specially designed learning area, or room Resources   It is also possible to take advantage of specialized teaching methods or various educational programs, but the term “special education” is usually used to refer specifically to the education of students with special abilities. Gifted education is dealt with separately. While special education is specifically designed for students with special abilities, therapeutic education can be designed for any student, with or without special abilities

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